STRANGERS WE KNOW Podcast follows cannabis-enthusiasts Cyndi & Jessi, who record their conversations with some of Toronto’s most interesting & offbeat personalities.
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   Episode #19

Cyndi & Jessi join Lu Pancini in her studio where she's been running Ganja Yoga classes for the past 5 years. Lu talks about how cannabis helped to heal her 7 year old daughter of juvenile arthritis, her expansive experience using psychedelics & her revolutionary yoga-teacher-training program.

"Everything that I learned about cannabis was about that; was about love, healing & connection & peace. Never was harm." - Lu Pancini


   Episode #18

Motivational just by sitting next to him, Stand-Up Comedian Che Durena talks strategies for accomplishing his personal goals, his first "really bad bomb", the legalization of weed & Che Guevara.

"I don't know where I am on it - like is there a God, is there not a God... I want there to be something after because I feel like that's just so boring... Like we go through all this & we can imagine infinity & then it's done? I want a cool thing at least." - Che Durena


   Episode #17

Tara Dawn Solheim is a writer, poet & singer visiting Toronto for the first time & spending her 2nd day recording this episode! Tara talks about life as a writer in Saskatchewan, overcoming performance anxiety & the challenges that come with adjusting to social expectations in a foreign country.

"So I lived in Japan for 5 years... I was there with my sister & she's taller than me. She's like 5'11". We were like amazon scary women to people."
- Tara Dawn Solheim


   Episode #16

Cyndi invites Mr. Intimacy to her apartment, where he talks about his bi-curiousity, predatorial men, his attraction to "crazy people" & crushing on his lesbian friend. Cyndi shares her first experiences dating women!

"​​I feel like I have a small glimpse into the world of women that are dogged by really irritating men." - Mr. Intimacy


   Episode #15

Is it the underwear that makes the superhero or the superhero that makes the underwear?? After sampling that pony ride, Cyndi is determined to refer Jacko to her friends! Cyndi brings out her toys & contemplates truck-stop sex...

"That's a good position for you... The one we were fucking in. That's why I layed you on your back first... spread you open... then flipped you over."
- Jacko


   Episode #14

What do Cyndi & Jacko chat about before getting it on in her apartment?? The prospect of making podcast pornos,  shitting on a glass table for money, hosting dildo casting calls & being a reaction-junkie. There might even be some real kissing sound-effects in this one!!

"It was never private sex. Growing up, I went to a lot of orgies. I hung out with a lot of raver kids & after rave parties, it’s usually just a house full of fucking people." - Jacko


   Episode #13

There's an emergency meeting for the Toronto Cannabis Industry! Cyndi & Jessi are there, recorder in hand, getting baked & mingling. They chat with "Weed Man",  a dispensary owner, a "person with a very interesting look about him" & Michael Thomas aka Puffdog of "Dads 4 Marijuana".

"I see no harm in responsible cannabis consumption. Responsible cannabis consumption is not problematic. It's the reefer madness that is problematic."

- Michael Thomas


   Episode #12

Vibrators, dildos, gag-balls & nipple clamps! Cyndi & Jessi visit the infamous Toronto Sex Store, GOOD FOR HER. Owner Carlyle Jansen gives them a tour & talks about how her early sexual experiences shaped her career path. Behold "The Outlaw" & "The Hitachi Magic Wand", meant for more than just a regular back massage!

"I always say: make sure your eyes are not wider than your vagina, or your anus for that matter."
- Carlyle Jansen


   Episode #11

What happens at the Global Marijuana March, stays at the Global Marijuana March! Unless you record it & share it via podcast-land! Cyndi & Jessi, aka Chonga & Cheecha, get super baked & mingle with the masses.

"I just started making these... Cannabis suppositories. I make them with cannabis, coconut oil & shea butter. You can use them anally or vaginally."
- Cannabis Rights Coalition


   Episode #10

Cyndi & Jessi sample some delicious Kombucha on tap at THE WITCHES BREW. Dynamic business owner Babette Burrell talks about digestive health, her former career as a midwife & being "colonized by culture".

"My little alter space... I've got some actual cotton which ties me to my ancestors. I've got some hibiscus & some herbs. I've got the blue malva here cuz it's kind of like a time of divine intervention in terms of energy."
- Babette Burrell