STRANGERS WE KNOW Podcast follows cannabis-enthusiasts Cyndi & Jessi, who record their conversations with some of Toronto’s most interesting & offbeat personalities.
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   Episode #29

Stand-Up Comedian Jason Allen talks about his start in comedy, the perks of "looking homeless" & being shy when it comes to intimate relationships. His girlfriend Katie Kullman is certain that all of her jobs are haunted & that camping equals murder!

"All I’ll say is - very normal stuff. Not to mock anything, but we’re not like furries, or like bringing other people into the mix, that’s not why we have roommates now." - Jason Allen

   Episode #28

Andrea Olivera talks about karmic debt, the nature of the 3 Ayurvedic body types (vata, pitta & kapha) & the use of cannabis, cocaine & anti-depressants. She also reflects on her childhood - being raised by 5 women who were "metaphysical explorers of the occult" & explains why Jesus was her first guru.

"If you understand the nature of your mind, then you'll understand the right  practice that will help you."
- Andrea Olivera


   Episode #27

Cyndi & Jessi chat with a former New York Stripper who served 7 years in prison. From boxing at the age of 5, to driving hot cars across the border at 15, to stripping at 19, to lesbian burlesque dancers at 55, this conversation has the makings of a movie script!

"I didn't need their approval anymore. It was always my approval & that's how I learned in life, there's only one word that counts & it's mine."
- Former New York Stripper & Inmate


   Episode #26

Tee & Cassandra talk about meeting over tattoos, visibility as a queer couple, the prospect of planned parenting, their left-of-center childhoods & psychedelics for spiritual ascension.

"I would just like to offset some of that shit sometimes - have someone stop & be like:  'Oh my god, you guys are so cute. Pride be free!' So you know, anyone who hears this podcast, if you see us on road, just offset that shit."
- Cassandra


   Episode #25

Stand-Up Comedians Tim Gray & Dana Smith reflect on their sex life adorned with "Breathe-Right" nasal strips, a marriage proposal in Paris & the whole "kale dinner fiasco".

 "It was the opposite of love at first site actually. We hated each other... No sorry, I hated you... No, it's just that we were in university together. We were kind of in two different circles... Like she was with friends & I wasn't."
- Tim Gray


   Episode #24

Stand-Up Comedian Lucy Grrvais talks body hair, waxing woes & selling used underwear! She also discusses sexual harassment towards women in the comedy world, dating between comedians & "feminist secret Facebook groups".

"I have a rule - I shave my legs for money. I shave my legs when I'm getting paid money to have my legs on display. That is when I shave my legs."
- Lucy Grrvais


   Episode #23

At 23 yrs old, Carolina Brown left Mexico without saying goodbye. Today, she's a performer living in Toronto & more connected to her roots than ever. Carolina talks about the offensive things strangers say to her, problems in the LGBT community & her dating life.

"And those are the kind of things I don't talk about, but I want to. And I wanna write those songs, cause something was stolen from me, and I'm taking it back." - Carolina Brown


   Episode #22

Aparajit Bhattacharjee thinks he's Johnny Depp in the 6% range! 50% Malcolm X, 70% Woody Allen & 90% Christopher Walken, he's an actor rehearsing his impersonation skills here & developing personality traits of popular American figures. 

"Time-out for me is sometimes jumping into character & relieving myself. Not in a Steve Martin or Gandhi way, where you just hold a cup under the table." - Aparajit Bhattacharjee


   Episode #21

Meet Stand-Up Comedian Sandro Veri, whose favourite thing about sex is "being really good at it". Sandro talks about having multiple sexual partners & the mothers who love him.  Then he turns the tables, asking Cyndi & Jessi "how many fucking big dicks" they get!

"My dad has a fantastic porn collection. He's got Playboys for almost a decade from the 70s. His fucking presidential library of pornography is so vast. I found it all & I got to see some cool shit." - Sandro Veri


   Episode #20

Known for his sometimes dark, weird & cringe-worthy humour, Stand-Up Comedian Kyle Lucey talks about taking risks on stage, being good with heckling & "getting lucky". Hard boiled eggs wearing "wife-beaters & ski masks"? Porn addiction? Kyle gets into it!

"There's a scene where like the brother is also half-spider so he eats the hot cheerleader & her blood goes all over his face & the dad goes: Looks like you found a squirter son!" - Kyle Lucey