STRANGERS WE KNOW Podcast follows cannabis-enthusiasts Cyndi & Jessi, who record their conversations with some of Toronto’s most interesting & offbeat personalities.
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   Latest Episode

Acid, insights & tinnitus. Hugh gets stoned with Cyndi & Jessi at their local vapour lounge, speaking metaphors on the fly while playing his harmonica. "Spani night" soon ensues once Mauricio enters the scene.

"I'm so fucking profound, I'm gonna fall over!" - Hugh


   Episode #38

It's Friday the 13th, & hosts Cyndi & Jessi are getting into it with Khadija, Monroe, Dizz & Zak - members of  Toronto-based pop/r&b group rIVerse. They're talking sextures, sex clubs, anonymous penises at the bathhouse, uninvited golden showers & other titillating topics.

"I have public transit curiousity. I'm a people watcher. I like to observe people. I'm like, where's my popcorn."

- Zak, rIVerse


   Episode #37

Amanda Day, Stand-Up Comedian & destroyer of cocks, crawls into bed with hosts Cyndi, Jessi & impromptu guest-host, John. They're talking: jizz on the face, swallowing, anal probing, swollen vaginas, absorbent beards, squirting, polyamory, dick-pics & mommy lust. Everybody's smoking & Cyndi has a serious  case of the "yah yahs"  

"I'm pro balls, but ball-sweat doesn't have to make an appearance."
- Amanda Day


   Episode #36

11 years ago, 6 year old Jesse Andrew William Harold Smith was taken by his his mother, Lorraine Berthe Fex. Desperately seeking his now 17 year old son, David Michael Philip Smith makes an impromptu appearance on STRANGERS WE KNOW Podcast when he shares a table with hosts Cyndi & Jessi at their local vapor lounge.

"That’s what started this whole thing, is your friend’s name is J-E-S-S-I.  Oh, that’s my kid’s name, yada yada yada. Oh, holy crap, we have a podcast."
-David Michael Philip Smith


   Episode #35

This episode is a collection of conversations & encounters with Mister Merkaba himself, recorded at the vapor lounge that Hosts Cyndi & Jessi frequent. From his active dating life via Tinder, to his distaste for “mono intimacy”, to the birth of "Bitch To Bull", a new reality show he plans to host, Remone is more than a person, he’s an experience.

"What's so special about it, can I know? I have been observing you guys & your admiration about the muffin is giving me admiration." - Remone 

   Episode #34

Catch a rare glimpse of Joseph Ianni, Editor & Producer of STRANGERS WE KNOW Podcast - behind the scenes at the studio; shooting the shit on a summer patio & even belting out some karaoke! Topics include: the prospect of dating single moms, President Trump, the School of Comedy, war in outer space & podcasting 101!

"People who are working, who are trying to get ahead, people who are looking to move forward with their lives - I am drawn to those people & I think it is wise to bring those people together." - Joseph Ianni

   Episode #33

Stand-Up Comedian Habib Siam talks culture, balancing life on the stage with teaching; his sexy sneaker obsession turned podcast series & comedy as therapy after the breakup.

"I noticed, everybody would ask me, like are you really? Like I don't understand, you're Canadian, but you're also Arab, but you sound like you're American & you say you have a PhD, like  what the fuck is going on?"
- Habib Siam


   Episode #32

Cyndi & Jessi spark-up with Jeremy, a stranger they just met at the vapor lounge they frequent. Jeremy talks about his gypsy lifestyle & keeping his Jewish culture alive in his tattoos. He also learns how this podcast got started in the first place!

"It means 5 in Arabic. Essentially it's used by two groups - the Jews & the Muslims, we both use it. Even though we fight, we have too much in common. They're family." - Jeremy


   Episode #31

Originally from Italy & now residing in Toronto, Joey talks about life after losing his legs in a work accident. From staying positive after "the chop in 2009", to Ford's overpriced funeral, to the importance of "speaking fucking English", Joey shares more than a few tokes with these 2 doped dames.

"When I got the chop in 2009, then I got the insurance money. When I got the chop, clean my debt then start brand new again!" - Joey


   Episode #30

Cyndi & Jessi visit Psychotherapist Daryl Vineberg in his Toronto studio where he runs body-based group therapy sessions; equipped with props to hit, punch & kick. Jessi asks about cannabis-use during therapy & Cyndi takes a swing at physicalizing some of her work-related frustrations!

"When our life force is moving freely in us, we feel better, we feel at ease, we feel connected. When it’s not, we feel stuck & shitty & not connected."
- Daryl Vineberg